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GoPro Karma Drone 2018 Buying Guide

The long-awaited release of GoPro karma did not go as many people expected. Just after it was released, the company recalled it a few months later.

The reason that made it be recalled was due to a battery flaw that caused the drone to lose power and fall from the sky. However, months later the company announced that the GoPro karma drone will be relaunched back into the market promising that this time, all the flaws have been corrected. In addition to that, new features have also be added. So the big question is, does GoPro karma drone has what it takes to make it stay competitive in the ever competitive drone industry?

In this article, we are going to answer that question with an in-depth review of the GoPro Karma drone. We are also going to tell you what makes this drone different from others in the market.

GoPro Karma Features Review

1. Excellent folding design

The newly released GoPro karma drone is much smaller than the one that was recalled. It is smaller than drones such as DJI phantoms that have dominated the market for years. Although we cannot say that it is the smallest drone in the world, it is one of the few drones that have an excellent folding design. When not in use, both arms of the drone can flip forward and the landing gear closes against the underside of the drone enabling you to easily store it in your backpack.

2. Position of the camera

Unlike other drones that have their cameras hanging on the fuselages, GoPro karma drone has its camera located on the nose. This is very important because it enables you to have a greater range of upward movement. It also prevents the chassis and drones rotors from being captured on video. In addition to that, the camera has not been attached permanently to karma as it is usually the case with other drones.

3. 5-inches integrated touchscreen

Gopro karma controller comes with a 5 inch integrated touchscreen that is extremely clear for easy viewing. It is also equipped with all flight controls to enable you to have an amazing fight experience. In addition to that, the controller can easy fold just like the drone for easy storage.

4. Lightweight

The GoPro karma drone outer cover is made of lightweight plastic that is sturdier and tougher than what most drones have. Various tests that have been conducted on this material has proven that the drone can handle hard landing and several scuffs on the ground. In the unlikely event of a crash, you can easily replace damaged parts with new ones.

How pro karma go is different from others

1. Portability

One thing that has given go pro karma an edge is its portability. When you compare its portability with other drones, there is no doubt that karma drone is far much ahead. When not in use it can easily be folded to fit in your backpack.

2. Ease of use

This is also one of the biggest selling points of this drone. Go pro karma has an auto takeoff, easy landing modes, and semi-autonomous modes. The 5-inch touchscreen will enable you to easily control the drone when it is up in the sky. The screen is bright enough to be seen even at high noon. It’s strategically placed camera also gives it an upper hand over its competitors.

GoPro Karma Drone price and sale

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